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Rose-Villacorte Architecture examines function and use, which starts with documenting the needs and desires of the client, "THE GOALS."  The user's insights, processes, work habits and current environments are key areas of importance.  We analyze all the elements that may have positive and negative impacts to the project.  All of these factors will influence the day-to-day mental and physical productivity, innovation and creativity levels of the users.

We then look at the basic elements that shape and define the building itself. We begin with the standard building blocks, applicable codes, ordinances and client's standards, programming, use and ancillary needs.  We also give emphasis on sustainability which will have a greater influence on the initial size, shape, and comfortability of the building interior and exterior spaces.

Lastly, we focus and create "ART" which is the building style, color, texture, material, nature and amenities.  This will emphasize the character and define its place in the environment.

Each of these steps culminates in a workplace that meets the basic functions while contributing to the mental and physical demands of the human experience.  At the end, we fervently strive to create environments where humans can interact and experience the benefits of nature.


Rose-Villacorte Architecture offers the following services:

Architecture, Project Consultation, Facility Assessment, Historic Preservation, Hospitality, Interior Design, Master Planning, Programming, Project Management, Renovation and Adaptive Reuse, Site Analyses, Sustainability Planning and Implementation, Interior Finish Out and Renovations.


Rose-Villacorte Architecture has experience in the following industries: Hospitality, Health & Kinesiology, Sports and Sports Medicine, K-12 education, Higher Education, Religious & institutional, Energy & Manufacturing, Office & Warehouse, Multi-Family Residential, Town Center and Strip Retail.


From small dollar projects to multi-million dollar projects, we have the experience and staff to handle a wide variety of projects.

Our Team
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