safety rest stop


Located on I-40, 60 miles east of Amarillo, Texas.  The East bound rest stop was designed with American Art Deco style.  The building sets on the actual road bed of an abandoned strip of Route 66.  The building opened on the 75 anniversary of the highways birthday.


The floors are terrazzo, the walls have porcelain tile with travertine trim.  The building is illuminated with code cathode lighting.  The park arbors have history plaques at the benches which tell the story of Texas icons.   The West bound structure is built on the edge of a canyon, which enabled our design team the opportunity to build a structure that was a split level.  The main entry is a grade level with the lower level  underground.  The patio is on the backside of the lower level that exits visitors to a view of the canyon.


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480 N. Sam Houston Parkway East, Suite 110

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